Perfect Margarita

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This came about as the result of some kitchen chemistry experimentation after my lovely wife had a particularly frazzling day at the hands of our two toddlers. In her words, it “goes down way too easily”.

By popular request, here it is:

1 part tequila
1 part lime juice
1 part triple sec
1 part orange juice (this was my wife’s contribution, it added that last little bit that it needed – you could substitute any number of tropical juices for a little variety)
1 part water
1/2 part sugar (It’s best if you can make the water lukewarm and dissolve the sugar in it first)

In this particular case, each part was 1oz (2 tablespoons). One average-sized lime is about 1 oz of juice.

shake with ice and serve.

Beware, however – if serving this to large groups of margarita addicts, it’s probably best to make this a frozen margarita (1 part liquid, 2 parts ice), because otherwise they’ll be on the floor and wondering why they’re having trouble getting up again. The liquid part is roughly 13% ABV, and it goes down smooth enough that you don’t realize you’ve just had two threesix of them.